Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G and 5G SIM card connectivity with a public or private, fixed IP address.  Use these SIM cards in your 4G / 5G routers for easy remote access to your connected devices.  We offer SIM cards with Fixed IP on O2, Vodafone, EE and 3Mobile as well as providing roaming Fixed IP SIM card solutions.

Our service is simply explained :-

Insert your 4G / 5G Fixed IP SIM Card into your 4G or 5G Router and your device will connect to the mobile broadband service and provide your internet connection with a Fixed, Public IP address so you can access your device from anywhere on the Internet.
It really is that simple…..

So if you need remote access to your CCTV / DVR installation and don’t have access to a wired internet service such as ADSL then you can simply purchase a 3G Router and sign up for a 3G Fixed IP SIM Card which you insert into your router and hey-presto – you have a router connected to the internet with a fixed, public IP address so you can access your router remotely and use port forwarding to connect to your IP Cameras, DVR or any other devices on the LAN side of the router.

If you need higher speed internet access then simply purchase a 4G Router and sign up for a 4G Fixed IP SIM Card.
Nothing complicated and we even publish our prices online so you don’t need to call us and spend time whilst we run through a sales spiel – of course you can if you want!

All we need to get you up and running is for you to select whether you need a 3G or 4G connection, then decide which network is best for coverage in the location you will be using your 3G/4G router and SIM card, your monthly inclusive data plan and contract term and tell us your name, company name, phone number and email address and we will send you the relevant fixed IP sim card contract for your to complete and return and then we can arrange for your SIM cards to be dispatched directly to you.

The 4G Fixed IP SIM Card has a fixed, public IP address so you can access your router from anywhere on the Internet and as such you should ensure that all of your router and connected devices have all of their remote access security features locked down to prevent unauthorised access. You can use port forwarding to easily connect to your connected devices without the use of VPN. This fixed IP SIM card service, combined with a 4G router will provide the equivalent service to a normal wired ADSL broadband router with a fixed and public IP address.


Multi Network SIM Cards

5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

We can provide 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards for use in a 5G router which are ideal for 5G CCTV Internet connectivity because of the high speed 5G download and upload speeds.

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Cards

We can now provide Fixed IP SIM cards with a public IP address to enable remote access to your 4G or 5G router and use port forwarding to connect to your devices.  These high usage data SIM cards are classified as unlimited data fixed IP sim cards, however they do have a fair use policy which is around 500GB per month – but this still represents excellent value for money for remote monitoring and management applications such as 4G CCTV / 5G CCTV that will utilise large amounts of data.

eSIM Fixed IP SIM’s

We also provide Fixed IP connectivity for eSIM routers.

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM