4G Fixed IP SIM

Our 4G Fixed IP SIM Card service is available on the EE, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and O2 networks. Minimum contract term is 24 months.

4G Fixed IP SIM Card EE Network

Monthly inclusive data Monthly rental

4GB £28

8GB £36

16GB £52

32GB £80

64GB £132

128GB £249

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Out of bundle data charges £0.03 per MB charged per KB for EE 4GB and 8GB data plans, £14.00 per GB for other tariffs.

4G Fixed IP SIM Card Vodafone Network

Monthly inclusive data Monthly rental

5GB £28

10GB £34

20GB £56

30GB £84

50GB £129

100GB £239

Out of bundle data charges £14.00 per GB SMS messages £0.07 Our 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards are ideal for use in an M2M 4G Router that will provide you with a reliable, high speed mobile broadband connection with a Fixed, PUBLIC IP address so you can easily connect to your 4G router from anywhere and using standard router features like Port Forwarding you can connect to your devices on the LAN such as CCTV IP camera’s and DVR’s as well as upload new content to your Digital Signage / Remote Media installation or quick and simple remote management and monitoring for your Wind / Solar Energy installation.

You could even use a 4G Router with a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide convenient Internet access for your remote or site office – ideal for a construction site office and could even be used to provide a backup to your traditional wired office Internet services to add extra resilience options.

Prices excl VAT, subject to contract, business customers only. 

Our 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards are ideal for use with M2M 4G Routers for remote management and monitoring. We offer a range of 4G Routers from leading manufacturers including Sierra Wireless, Robustel, Cradlepoint, Wlink and Teltonika.  These M2M 4G Routers are ideal for CCTV, Digital Signage, Energy Monitoring and Point Of Sale solutions. 

We can also offer 4G and 5G routers for office use and for Office 4G / 5G backup which can be configured for IP Passthrough so when the router is connected to the WAN Port of your office firewall or router then it passes the Public IP address of the Fixed IP SIM card directly through to the WAN port of your Office Firewall or router.

Our 4G Fixed IP SIM card solution is the ideal choice for many remote monitoring and management installations.

Why no consider using the CS2389 4G Signal Tester to decide which is the best 4G mobile network for your particular installation or if you are unsure then consider using a roaming Fixed IP SIM Card that can use any of the available 4G networks.

Maybe you need a 5G SIM Card to use with a 5G M2M router like the Robustel R5020 or the Wlink G930 5G Router.