Amit IDG780 Industrial 5G Router is a compact, M2M / IoT router with embedded 5G modem providing high speed 5G Internet connectivity.  The IDG780 is designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity for remote management and monitoring applications that need the benefit of high speed 5G cellular connectivity with low latency.

Ideally used with a Fixed IP SIM Card, the Amit IDG780 will provide years of reliable connectivity.  It is compact and rugged and has all the features associated with Industrial 5G Routers.

The Amit IDG780 Compact 5G Router has various interfaces include 5G-NR Cellular, Giga-Ethernet and WiFi uplink to provide internet uplink. It provides capability of WAN extender and can handle different networking interfaces to have a robust connection for end device. Beside normal DC 9-36V power in, it also has a PoE-PD input on configurable WAN port to make user deploying  network topology more flexible. Industrial design also makes the device to operate in different environment. 5G-NR cellular helps the device to replace original Giga-level fixed line and make it can deploy everywhere.

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