We offer 4G Routers, 5G Routers, antennas and accessories for use with our Fixed IP SIM Cards.

The most popular routers for M2M remote access and monitoring are the Proroute and Teltonika routers.  Here is a selection.

4G Routers

Here are some of the popular 4G routers that can be used with Fixed IP SIM cards to provide reliable 4G mobile broadband connectivity.  These are Industrial 4G routers and have built-in 4G keep alive features such as Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP check.  This is a programmable feature that tells the router to check at regular intervals whether there is a valid Internet connection and if there is no response from the IP address acrorss the Internet then the routers will reboot and re-establish the 4G connection.

Teltonika TCR100


Proroute H685

H685 4G Router

5G Routers

If you are looking for the latest Industrial 5G routers then we can provide a wide range of high speed 5G connectivity routers, caompatible with our 5G Fixed IP SIM Cards.  Many of these routers are designed for remote monitoring and management, but some routers, such as the RAPID NR550 provide a cross-over solution for offices and homes that want the high speed of 5G Internet, with the convenience of external antenna posts for the connection of external 5G antennas as well as the reliability and security associated with Industrial 5G routers.

Proroute H685 5G Router

RAPID NR550 5G Router

RAOID NR550 5G Router

Office 5G Routers

Some office and home users want to have the advantage of a high speed 5G Internet connection but with a public, fixed IP address so they can remotely access their home devices.  Maybe to connect to a home CCTV system or home network server.  In these cases, using a 5G router for the home or office, combined with an Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM card might provide to be the perfect solution.  Of course, it is more expensive than a traditional wired broadband service, but if you want the high speed, and flexibility of a 5G wireless connection.

Zyxel NR5103 5G Router

Zyxel NR5103

Teltonika RUT200 Compact LTE 4G Router

Teltonika RUT200

RUT200 Compact LTE 4G Router from Teltonika is the new, low cost router with 2 x Ethernet and WiFi and uses the RUTOS to provide all the features of the Teltonika 4G and 5G router range.

The RUT200 4G router will replace the RUT241with a budget price and of course this router will work with the Temtonika RMS platform for easy management and monitoring of the RUT200.

  • Compact LTE 4G Router
  • Embedded 4G modem compatible with networks in Asia, CIS, the Middle East, Africa and South America
  • 2 x Ethernet Ports
  • 802.11n WiFi