Teltonika TCR100 CAT6 LTE 4G Router for Home / Office

The TCR100 router from Teltonika is the brand new4G router that is designed for the consumer.  This high speed router features fast WiFi (802.11AC) and supports connection for up to 50 wireless devices.

The embedded CAT6 LTE 4G modem provides high speed 4G mobile broadband Internet connectivity with a theoretical download speed of up to 300Mbps.  Obviously the 4G speeds are dependant upon your 4G network provider, distance to the 4G base station and number of users in your location.

The Teltonika TCR100 4G router also includes Gigabit Ethernet ports so the user can create a wired network to compliment the wireless hotspot.

Teltonika has a pedigree of innovative design and a history of designing and manufacturing popular, industrial grade routers for the M2M remote management and monitoring marketplace.  The TCR (Teltonika Consumer Router) provides the home and office user with advanced security and network features along with a robust and practical design to enable a fast and reliable 4G mobile broadband connection for a variety of uses.

Another feature of the TCR100 router is the cellular antennas are removable and the router has industry standard SMA antenna connectors so is can easily be used with a variety of external / outdoor 4G antennas which provides a practical solution for users when the router is located indoors in a poor signal location, but there is a stronger 4G network signal outdoors.  The best type of antenna to suit most installations would be a MIMO, omni directional antenna like the Fullband MIMORAD outdoor 4G antenna which is supplied with 2 x 5m long antenna cables and pre-terminated with SMA connectors to screw directly to the antenna ports of the TCR100 router.